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Technical Process

Fruitique has a highly flexible production facility and can produce minimum order sizes of as little as 150 kg per flavour.

The experienced product development team is able to create unique formulations that are specific to the requirements of our customers. Fruitique is further equipped to produce preservative-free fruit preparations and syrups thereby offering our clients market-relevant product solutions.

Tubular pasteurization system and aseptic filling ensures that our clients receive consistent fruit quality and integrity from every batch.

Fruitique is ISO 22000 certified and adheres to stringent quality and food safety standards. Specifications are provided for all products and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are issued upon each delivery.

Product consistency and quality is maintained by:

  • Sourcing raw materials from the most reputable local and international suppliers with emphasis on stringent specifications, supplier audits and assessments and a comprehensive incoming goods inspection process
  • Rigorous sorting of all fruits used
  • Sugar / acid ratio testing, viscosity testing and other organoleptic assessments
  • Microbiological testing of every batch produced
  • Continuous quality parameter and hygiene checks through the operation

Technical Specifications:

  • Brix : 12° to 60°
  • pH : 3.4 to 4.4
  • Viscosity: 5 to 20 (cm/30 secs – Bostwick viscometer)
  • Fruit content from 30% to 55% by weight
  • Artificial, Nature identical or Natural colours and flavours (as requested)
  • Packaging: 10 kg, 20 kg or 25 kg bag in box (but could adapt to other units if volumes justify)
  • Preparation can be used for blended, top layer, base layer, swirl or side compartment (corner pot) applications


Fruitique commits to strategic objectives which support sustainability and a concern for the environment. These values are upheld through the implementation of sound production practices focused on minimising energy consumption, saving our precious water resource and the implementation of efficient waste management policies.