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The extensive Fruitique product range includes fruit smoothies, fruit pulps, fruit flavoured syrups, dairy blends, yoghurt stabilisers and cake toppings.

Fruitique remains at the forefront of innovation being as a supplier to numerous top South African and African dairies.

With an emphasis on New Product Development, Fruitique has a team dedicated to innovating and responding to customer specific recipe requests. Our team has successfully assisted numerous dairies in developing award-winning products through our knowledge of both local and international industry trends.

Any fruit flavours and combinations are possible – products are tailored to the customer's unique requirements in terms of fruit types, flavour profiles and properties to match specific end use applications.

Our product range extends to various indulgent creations which are versatile across industry applications. These include a variety of chocolate, coffee, caramel, citrus and decadent vanilla flavours, to name a few. We are also capable of developing products with a variety of inclusions such as cereals, seeds and nuts.

Product Lines

While we can do any fruited product, our lines include:



Black Cherry

Fruit Salad


Mixed Berry

Red Cherry


Peach Granadilla

Peach Apricot





Stewed Fruit